Our adventure takes place in Zombieland - a forgotten land currently not much more than a barren wasteland - with no signs of a civilized society besides a few ancient-seeming structures and buildings left standing. At present time, Zombieland is covered by a vast, dense forest.

Villagers have only just started settling into the Northern Region of Zombieland and already there are whispers among the small society - talks of hidden Mines throughout the land that are said to contain large deposits of Zombiecoin. Zombiecoin was thought to be the method of exchange for the civilians who previously occupied Zombieland. Villagers also warn that the Mines have a toxic environment and that they would not be able to withstand the harsh conditions within.

Tucked away into what seemed to be the remains of one of the ancient buildings, Villagers were shocked to find what they presumed to be magical scrolls known as Role Selectors. After curious Villagers fiddled with the scrolls, they noticed text written in a language they can understand. A group of Villagers read the words and were stunned when their skin started to deteriorate, and their thoughts became foggy and muddled. It became evident that these scrolls were used by the previous civilization to turn Villagers into mindless, money-hungry Zombies – to make them obedient, hard-working members of the community for everyone’s benefit.

For their new community to truly flourish, the Villagers decided that three main tasks should be accomplished and prioritized. The Villagers would harvest, fish, and chop the wood of the dense forest, to build up resources that can be used for homes, furniture, and farms. The more adventurous Villagers would become Explorers who would go out and search far and wide across Zombieland in hopes of discovering Mines or other items that can be of use. Finally, the Zombie Miners would venture into the toxic Mines to excavate the Zombiecoin reserves.

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