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ZBC Supply
There were 2,2 million ZBC issued, where part of it is in Circulation (in players' wallets) and part is in the Zombieland Bank account. It is possible to check the updated amount in circulation in the in-game Dashboard.
ZBC production
Every ZBC is mined by Zombie Miners or obtained by exchanging some specific NFTs. In average, Zombie Miners produce between 11 and 15 ZBC per mining task, depending on the Pickaxe level, and considering the exchange of Special Items to ZBC.
ZBC utility
ZBC is used by players to do working tasks (chopping and exploration) and to craft, upgrade, and buy NFTs.
ZBC burning
ZBC is removed from circulation when players chop/explore, craft, upgrade, shop, and also during the WAX Exchange Event (WEE).
100% of the ZBC used in crafting, upgrading, shopping, and during the WEE is removed from circulation, and also 50% of the ZBC used to do working tasks (the other 50% goes to a ZBC Pool, used in events and game development).
ZBC staking
Players can buy Certificates of Deposit to earn passive ZBC income.
Total issued
In circulation (as of Feb., 23rd)
In Zombieland Bank account