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Camel Breeding

Camels hold a pivotal role in Desert Exploration endeavors. Desert Explorers have the opportunity to undertake a task every 2 hours, and for those eager to explore more frequently, the aid of a Camel Cow is required.
To initiate Camel breeding, players must possess a Stable, a healthy Camel Cow, and a healthy Camel Bull. This process incurs a cost of 50 ZBC + 200 ZBF + 10 Water.
The odds of breeding a Camel Cow are 99%, while a Camel Bull holds a 1% chance. There's a mandatory 1-week cooldown between breeding attempts.
Camels possess health points, which are deducted when employed in the breeding or desert exploration processes. Upon the creation of a Stable, your initial Camels will be granted.
The Camel Bull serves exclusively in the breeding system, capable of siring 5 times. Camel Bulls will be added to the in-game Shop for 2,000 ZBC when needed.
The versatile Camel Cow finds utility in both the breeding system and Desert Exploration. These creatures boast 500 health points (consuming 10 for mega tasks, 20 for boosted tasks, and 1 for "vehicle owner" tasks and breeding).
Once a Camel's health points reach zero, the NFT can be exchanged for 1000 ZBF.