Mine Opening Raffle

Only 9 mines can be opened at a time (5 Small, 2 Medium, and 2 Big Mines). Once any Mine is fully depleted, a Mine Opening Raffle begins.
Explorers have to pay a fee to enter the raffle:
  1. 1.
    Small Mine Opening Raffle fee: 5 ZBC
  2. 2.
    Medium Mine Opening Raffle fee: 10 ZBC
  3. 3.
    Big Mine Opening Raffle fee: 25 ZBC
To buy entries for the raffle, players can use the in-game Raffle Page, choosing the number of entries they want to enter, limited to the number of mines they own of the same size as the raffle.
For example: if a Small Mine is depleted, a player owning 5 Small Mines (old version) and 2 Small Mines (new version) can buy up to 7 entries for the Small Mine Opening Raffle.
PS: if a player has old and new versions of Mines, the old mine will be opened. If a player has only new versions of Mines, the new version will be opened.
PS2: each player can have only 1 Mine of each size opened at a time.