Players can create a Clan and compete against other Clans for big prizes. For that, it's required to own a Clan House NFT. Its recipe is 20k ZBW + 10 Stones + 6 Fabrics + 14 Glasses + 5 Steels + 5 Magnets.
Clan owners will receive prizes if they are #1 in the leaderboard or if they complete Clans' Quests. The Clan owner can distribute the prizes among the members based on the internal Clan leaderboard if they want to. The prizes for the top Clan in the leaderboard and top contributors in each Clan will be Master Explorer Chests and Royal Chests (currently not available - ETA May). These chests will contain valuable NFTs that will help players upgrade Zombies and Explorers to Zombie Queens/Kings and Master Explorers. These new characters will unlock new and exclusive tasks. The cost to create a clan is 2,000 ZBC, and each clan can have up to 10 members. The Clan owner will have to accept members into their clan. Each clan has exclusive channels in Discord for better communication. Each player can have only 1 Clan created at a time. A player can join only 1 Clan at a time. Clan owners must keep the Clan House in their wallets, otherwise, they won't be entitled to prizes.