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Monthly rewards

Zombie Miners are entitled to receive monthly rewards when they achieve a certain amount of mining tasks during the month. They share a pool of USD (distributed in WAX) according to the total mining tasks completed by all the Zombie Miners during the month:
Mining tasks completed during the month
Total USD prize pool
$ 15
$ 76
$ 152
$ 228
$ 304
$ 380
$ 457
$ 533
$ 609
The Miners will receive the Total USD prize pool proportionally to the number of tasks completed. For example, if the total tasks completed by all the Miners are 1000 tasks in a specific month, and a player completes 200 tasks in this month, they are entitled to receive 20% of the prize pool.
Besides the USD prize pool, there's a ZBC pool. 50% of the ZBC used to do exploration and chopping tasks go to this pool, which is used by the team to create events and/or invest in game development.
Also, the Top Miner receives a Mine Master NFT (stake to earn 1 ZBC/day), the Top Explorer receives an Explorer Extraordinaire NFT (stake to earn 1 ZBC/day) and the Top Chopper receives a Chop Champ NFT (stake to earn 1 ZBC/day). Combining all those 3 NFTs grants a Zombieland Legend NFT (stake to earn 5 ZBC/day).
Top Zombie Miner will receive a Medium Royal Chest and the top Explorer will receive a Medium Master Explorer Chest.
The top Clan at exploring tasks will receive a Large Master Explorer Chest and the top Clan at mining tasks will receive a Large Royal Chest.
Finally, Clans will receive 500 ZBC + 1,000 ZBF for every 1k mining tasks or 1k exploration tasks.