Community's Art Gallery

We are thrilled to introduce the Zombiecoin Community Art Gallery! Whether you are an aspiring artist or a seasoned professional, this is an exciting opportunity to have your artwork showcased in our gallery.

Submit your artwork using the form below. Our team will carefully review each submission, considering both its quality and content standards. If your artwork meets our criteria, it will be selected to be featured and made available for sale at the esteemed Zombieland Art Gallery!

While we encourage creativity, please ensure that your artwork maintains a minimal relation to Zombiecoin. We welcome artwork created with the assistance of AI, provided that you have the necessary rights and permissions for its usage.

In terms of sales distribution, we operate on a fair and transparent system. Upon the successful sale of your artwork, 33% of the proceeds will go directly to you, the artist, as a well-deserved compensation for your talent and hard work. Another 33% will be allocated to the Zombiecoin team, enabling us to continue supporting and promoting the art community. Lastly, 34% of the sales will be burned, contributing to the scarcity and value of ZBC.

To ensure the uniqueness and exclusivity of the artwork, we require the submitter to define the maximum supply of art pieces to be minted on the blockchain. Additionally, please indicate the price in Zombiecoin (ZBC) that you would like to set for your artwork.

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